From Neuchâtel via Auvernier to Colombier

What a great hike, between the lake and the vineyards. After exploring the historic city of Neuchâtel, where the famous Hotel Beau Rivage is located directly on the promenade, we take the train to Auvernier. Always along the lake with a wonderful view of the Swiss mountains in the background.

Auvernier, which is one of the most important prehistoric sites in Switzerland, is a traditional wine village on the shores of Lake Neuchâtel. Auvernier lies in the middle of a gentle vineyard slope above the north-western shore of Lake Neuchâtel. The historic village center extends mainly along a central main road, which is completely paved. Four squares with fountains break up the dense development of urban-looking residential houses and winegrowers’ houses. The first correction of the Jura waters at the end of the 1860s caused the water level to drop. Since then, the village no longer stands directly on the lake. On the newly reclaimed shoreline, villas were built in the Belle Epoque, which are lined up along the simultaneously constructed cantonal road.

Meetings at the Neuenburgersee and Neuchâtel

To the west of the village is the Auvernier Castle vineyard. Its optimal exposure to the sun on a slope sloping slightly to the southeast allows an excellent wine to mature. Flanked by two towers, the castle has been owned by the same family since 1603. The current patron maintains the 400-year-old winegrowing tradition in the 17th generation.

Tours of the wine cellar and tastings, which can be booked in advance, provide an insight into this rich heritage. We were allowed to visit the castle and also had the opportunity to take a hearty sip of the famous Oeil de Perdrix (The Eye of the Partridge).

We had lunch at the restaurant Le Poisson in Auvernier. Very fine food and especially recommended were the fresh Eglis fillets from Lake Neuchâtel. The restaurant Le Poisson is highly recommended.

Besides the wine, Auvernier is also known for its archaeological lake dwellings, which are among the most important prehistoric sites in Switzerland. This site is part of the UNESCO World Heritage “Prehistoric pile dwellings around the Alps”, which includes a selection of pile dwelling sites in six countries (Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy, France and Slovenia).

Then we continued through the vineyards to Colombier. Colombier is situated at 457 meters above sea level, six kilometers west-southwest of the cantonal capital Neuchâtel. The village extends in a depression at the southern foot of the Jura, near the shores of Lake Neuchâtel; the old village center is slightly elevated on a molasse hill.

Back to Neuchâtel, we took the train again along the lake. A beautiful day in the vineyards directly on Lake Neuchâtel.

Days in the region of the Neuenburgersee’s one can do outstanding in the hotel Beau Rivage in Neuchâtel. Incentive trips and excursions with wine tasting can be organized by us at any time. Call us under 043 55 66 441 or write us via

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