Barista course and workshop – Italian-style coffee

Are you looking for a unique and interactive addition to your next company event or would you like to enrich the team experience in the office? The barista course, presented by expert Thomas Zahnd, offers just that! This course is a fantastic opportunity to offer your participants an exciting and educational experience.

Barista course for your office or corporate event

In the workshop you will learn how to make real Italian coffee with a portafilter machine or a Bialetti. Discover the secrets behind a perfect cup of coffee, from the origin of the beans to different brewing methods. A special highlight is learning the art of milk frothing.

The courses are flexible and can be adapted to the room capacity of your event or office. For an intensive learning experience and practice, we recommend smaller groups of 4 to 6 people per portafilter machine.

Enrich your corporate event or office life with this unique and interactive barista workshop!

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